The Agency and the Agency Supervisor is the most important components to our program. As you consider being an agency and supervisor please know the following about responsibilities.CIP will be responsible for assigning a liaison from the Board of Directors to make periodic informal contact with the agency and the participant to ensure that the placement is successful.

WE (WEST VIRGINIA CIP) is responsible for:

1. Recruitment and selection of an appropriate participant.

2. A personal and professional profile of this participant.

3.An agency site visit for consultation from the WVCIP Coordinator early in the placement assignment period.

4. Immediate assistance by the CIP Coordinator or designated substitute in emergency situation.

5. Securing health and accident insurance for the participant.

6. Transportation for the participant, including airport pickup and return.

7. Orientation for participant and, if desired, for agency staff.

8. Weekly participant group meetings for support, learning, and problem solving.

9. Host family arrangements for room and board at no cost to participant or agency.

The AGENCY and/or SUPERVISOR is responsible for:

1. Payment of the all-inclusive fee of $950.

2. A twelve-week, training and work-related placement equivalent to full-time regular staff, flexible and modified to fit the schedule of the participant. This is not to be confused with a student practicum or internship.

3. A written agreement with specific participant responsibility jointly determined by director or supervisor and participant, with a copy to be sent to the WVCIP Coordinator (address below).

4.Supervision by a person designated within the agency.

5. Orientation to the agency and introduction to the staff.

6. A desk or workspace and materials/equipment essential to the assignment.

7. Involvement in professional activities such as conferences, seminars, and training workshops that are usually offered to regular staff.

8. Consideration of the participant’s time in professional development lectures or workshops, preparing for any professional presentation within the community, including those to agency staff, students, and so on, as appropriate.

9. Should participant be expected to work in a camp or other setting, or engage in overnight assignments away from the host family, the agency will provide room and board and transportation.