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Every Wednesday evening during the four month program, the professionals meet and discuss their activities. This is important because they usually do not see each other during the week, due to different agency placements. And this weekly reunion is a way to maintain the group’s unity, as a distinct ‘WVCIP Family”, and help monitor progress toward each professional’s goals.

Wednesday afternoons (about 5 p.m.) focus on participants placement experiences, host family experience, and any discussion of cultural shock. Also, this is a time for the Coordinator, Manager, and the CIP Board to address the needs of the professionals. The time is used by participants to discuss their agencies, plan for group activities, and share their other cultural and professional activities.

Later on Wednesday evenings (about 6 p.m.), the Professionals, Coordinator, Program Manager, and various Board members meet at a Board member’s home (or the home of a “Friend of CIP”). This is a time for dinner and socialization. One CIP professional will give a 30 minute presentation on the topic of his/her choice. This is usually a presentation and talk on their own countries, as well as their agency and professional work, their family and city.